I might have eaten a bit too much. My stomach's completely full.

I hate to make the bed.

Are they keeping you busy?

Prices have jumped.


They felt he had no chance to win the election.


Dannie is being proactive.


Why don't you come with us?

This product is a bargain.

Columbus assumed that the earth was round.

She won't conform to the town's social patterns.

Why isn't it good?

I helped Dorothy even though I was busy.

If you write your address on a web-page, anybody can find out where you live if the whim takes them.

...and sent forth the dove; and she returned not again unto him any more.

I am not satisfied with pop music.

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Pierre is pretty unusual.

The supermarket is on the other side of the street.

Did you serve in the military?

James asked me to come over and help her.

Rand isn't in danger.


It's on every evening at 8.

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It's warm under the blanket.


Maybe we're not supposed to do this.

Miriam did it voluntarily.

Blair wanted you to have this.

There are a great number of schools in this city.

Pamela took a book down from the shelf.


Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.


The Nikkei Stock Average lost nearly 200 points to close yesterday at 18,000.

This is really from my heart.

He is looking forward to it.

Bill was unable to get Morton to understand what he said.

Things are changing rapidly.

I don't understand Dutch, because it's difficult.

I wish I had more time to talk with you.

Who gave you permission?

How am I writing without a pen?

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He tried to appeal.

Let me introduce you to my beautiful wife.

I want to drink some water.

He cut a twig from the tree with his knife.

My father was absent from his office yesterday.


Liyuan told Allen to keep the windows opened.

Greenland's melting is accelerating. By itself, the full melting of that country's ice sheet could increase sea levels by over six metres.

I had written the letter when he came.

I'll tell you what I want you to do.

I didn't ask you, Jayant.

Fetch it and put it on the fire.

I think this layout is very good.

Tracy hasn't written a letter in a long time.

Let's get to it. I'm not getting any younger.

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I wish I hadn't skipped breakfast this morning.

They often clashed over their political beliefs.

In short, I disagree.

You like him, don't you?

His health is improving little by little.

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What'll happen if I push this button?

I've been having strange dreams lately.

Izchak said that he wanted to forget about it.

"Why didn't you tell me?" "You never asked."

I have doubts about his career.

I turned the table upside down to fix it.

Can't you just regift it to someone else?

Why do you like something like that?

We don't want them back.

I looked at my bank account book, and happily discovered that I had an extra $50!

I'm Azerbaijani.


Whose turn is it to take out the garbage?

Let's see who can hold their breath underwater the longest.

Alas, what ill luck has befallen me!

Pratt is quite picky.

I can't buy it for lack for money.

I know you're afraid of flying.

Kayvan hasn't missed a single class.

It's got to work this time.

I'm not concerned right now.

Arthur sometimes sleeps on the floor.

They have bought a house that faces south.

You always complain about your housing accomodations. You know you can't bring your "palace" with you when you die. You're mortal. Housing is temporary.

My sister is sensitive about her thick legs.

Art lasts, life goes by.

Marsha seems efficient.

He became rich.

Deborah looks downcast.

Knudsen never goes anywhere by himself.

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

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Call the police and tell them what you told me.

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Aimee is right.

Do you think you're creative?

What seems to be the problem here?

He should have been rich: he has a rich man's tastes.

He has a square jaw.

Benjamin Franklin was an American politician and inventor.

I do a lot of stuff with Paola.

She read all my books by herself.

I may know someone who can help you.


Thank you for fixing my car, Hienz.

It was just a thought.

I admit that I've already forgotten what I wanted to say.

Your lawyer should step down from this trial.

I hope everyone is safe.

Pantelis is shy.

Socorrito looks restless.

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The rabbit did not have any special abilities but devotedly attended the old man.

On his arrival in London, he sent me a telegram.

When did you go to work?


Now you listen to me!

This tree bears no fruit.

Bernie is brushing his teeth.

He is what we call the man of the hour.

I was discharged without notice.

You're confusing Gordon.

How long did it take you to fall for each other?

I would take this dress before that one.

The zoo is closed on Mondays.

There is no time. Your sword is enough.

Life is a web, with every strand connected to every other strand.

Would you mind if I went home early?

Who you insured through?


Josh baked me a cake.

I think it's much better now.

It was silly of you to make such a mistake.


He apologized to me for his rudeness.

I kept riding my bicycle even though my legs were hurting.

I might seem strong, but in actuality I am anything but.

It's not always possible to eat well when you are traveling in this part of the world.

This house is too small to live in.

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I don't have a passport.


I know what happened to her.

She helps her.

I tried to reason with her.

Please don't take the documents out of this room.

I entered a singing contest sponsored by a pasta company and I made it to the semifinals.

Have you finished ordering?

How will this all end?

The fox has a long tail and pointed ears.

My nephew ate bread with tomato sauce on it.

Who does he think he is?

Work isn't shameful.

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Bill resembles his father in character.

You don't look that good.

Did Karl tell you that it was OK to leave?


The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.

He went on singing.

My neighbour's name is Elijah.

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We count everything.

French fries without vinegar, please.

He had no time when his mother told him to work.

Gordon has done his part.

It's finished.

What's next for you and Margaret?

He promised me the position of company president.

Faced with a massive online attack, Tatoeba adopted a policy of martial law.

I need some milk for my cereal.

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Pierre wants to be famous.

All the other boys laughed at him.

It's very important to us.

Show me what you have got in your hand.

I kind of liked him.

Why do they call New York the Big Apple?

I like to do oil painting, but I don't intend to make that my lifelong occupation.

Lois seems quiet.

Srinivas is definitely a big guy.

It's still too cold to go to the beach.

My father told me to do so on my own.


For all his efforts, he was not paid well.

I'm just tying up some loose ends.

You say that you lost your keys? Why here they are, just hanging in the keyhole. You're looking for something when it's right under your nose.

Michael is to be on a TV program tonight.

Piotr goes jogging in the park every morning.

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New GATT resolutions could create a real shake-up.